Promoting Bute

Published Date: 

17 Jul 2019 - 11:19

What location on Bute best promotes the island as a great place to live and work?

Argyll and Bute Council is planning to commission photos to promote Bute and is asking local people for their views on which locations best represent the island.

The photos form one element of the ‘Choose Bute, Love Bute’ campaign, due to be launched in August.

The campaign is part of the council’s work to address Argyll and Bute’s falling population, by showcasing the area as a great place to live and work.

Cleland Sneddon, Chief Executive of Argyll and Bute Council, said: “Estimates show that Argyll and Bute needs to attract 10,000 more people by 2027 just to maintain the services we all depend on every day.

“We know from research that many of the skilled people we need, from teachers or doctors to business entrepreneurs, think of Argyll and Bute as a good place to visit and relax, but don’t yet know that this is also a place to develop a career or business success.

“We need to change that. We need to show people why they should choose to live and work in Bute.

“We want to commission photos that show that if you choose Bute, you can build a career and also enjoy a fantastic lifestyle that is not on offer in other areas.

“The first step is to identify the locations that best highlight the lifestyle that Bute offers. This could be anything from, for example, a beach view, to boats in the pontoons or something completely different.

“We would like to hear from local people about what you think would best represent Bute.

“We will announce the top three proposals at the launch of Choose Bute, Love Bute.

“This is all about promoting and supporting Bute.”

If you have ideas please send them to or call 01546 604390, by Friday 9 August.

More details about the Choose Bute, Love Bute campaign will be announced once arrangements for its launch are confirmed.