P is for Planning

It's week four of the council's A to Z of services and today we're looking at...

P is for Planning

Fiona Scott is a Planning Officer based in Oban. Her job involves handling planning applications and engaging with development proposals all the way from the initial idea to completion.


Talking about the variety her role offers, Fiona said: “One day I could be working from the office, engaging with stakeholders and applicants, and offering advice on a range of planning issues. The next I might have to visit a remote site and walk for miles. I meet some great people through my work and it’s a privilege to help facilitate a variety of developments in some of the country’s most scenic locations.

“The best part about my job though is having the opportunity to work in the public interest. I love seeing planning applications come to life, and people’s hopes and aspirations becoming a reality. It’s extremely rewarding to know that I’ve helped to play a part in that.”

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