#proudtocare - Read Jade's story

We kicked off our #proudtocare campaign on Monday to highlight how much carers matter and are valued in people’s lives, and all the different reasons people have for choosing the care sector.

We asked you if experience in home care can help you get jobs in other professions?

The answer is TRUE. This was the case for Jade, who used her experience in home care to build a career as a police officer. Read Jade's story:

    Why working in the care sector suited me

I decided to join the police whilst working in hospitality and during the application process I thought it would be better to move to a role more suited to my future goal in which I could gain the relevant experience and skills.

I started working in the care sector in 2013. It was a job I had never really thought of before or imagined myself doing. When I first started I had to overcome some personal challenges as I didn’t realise the level of responsibility involved in this work. Initially I had a lack of understanding of the vulnerabilities of the people requiring support. With training and support from my manager at the time, my knowledge, understanding and confidence grew and I quickly realised that this was a role that came naturally to me.

Working in the care sector suited me because I could work independently and the hours could be flexible to suit me. It also suited me during my application to the police because I was gaining essential skills required for me moving forward. You have to learn to quickly adapt to the different environments you are going into and this is something I use every day as a Police Officer.

Every day, the police attend incidents involving vulnerable and elderly people. My previous experience and extensive training working in the care sector allows me to be able to quickly recognise conditions like dementia. It also allows me to educate my colleagues and provide awareness to them.

Why I am proud to have worked in care

I loved working in the care sector. I didn’t realise I would love it so much. The fact that people were relying on me daily to remain at home independently and to carry out day to day tasks was both fulfilling and rewarding. It gave me a great sense of pride that I was helping making a difference to their lives. If I hadn’t wanted to join the police from such a young age and it wasn’t my life ambition I don’t doubt that I would still be in the care sector today. I was and am proud to have been a carer.

Why I would recommend it to others

For anybody looking for a new challenge, or anybody who wants to make a difference to someone’s life, I would recommend becoming a Support Assistant.

Working in the care sector is not easy; you have to be hardworking, reliable and respectful. These qualities are essential along with the willingness to learn however with training and support you can develop the required skills for this role.


Home care in Argyll and Bute is carried out by Argyll and Bute Council and private care providers.

For more information visit: www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/careathome or, to register your interest in working in the care sector, please send us your details in this form and we will be in touch.

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