Having a home carer changed Bill's life

As part of our #proudtocare campaign, we've been looking at the difference that home carers make to people's lives. Bill was only 52 when he suffered a stroke and started receiving home care...


“I can’t emphasis the difference having a carer has made,” he said. “I’d always been very active but my stroke left me weak down one side and I suddenly found myself struggling with everyday tasks. I convinced myself I’d have to go into a care home and this had a huge impact on my mental health— I was too young.


“My doctor referred me for home care and this changed my life. John, my carer, is like a brother to me. My family don’t live locally so quite often John’s the only person I see all day. He helps get me out of bed every  morning, makes my meals, and helps me do the housework. I really look forward to his visits—I don’t think carers quite realise the difference they make to people’s lives. I for one am truly grateful.”




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