Future cemetery needs under review

Planning to ensure that the council-run cemeteries can meet the needs of communities in the future is already underway.

The Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee agreed on Thursday that local residents should be asked about their personal choices and for their views ideas for ways forward, during 2020, so that a new set of cemetery policies can be proposed.

According to statute, local authorities are only required to provide one cemetery per area. Argyll and Bute had 65 cemeteries available for the purchase of lairs.

There are 66 closed to the sale of spaces, and this has remained fairly stable since 2005.

There are a large number of lairs that have been sold, but 70 years have lapsed without them being used. One option - in areas of most need - could be to investigate if these are still needed and claim them back if not.

Community volunteers, in a small number of areas, are supporting council services by maintaining local burial grounds and similar initiatives would be welcomed elsewhere.

Councillor Robin Currie, Policy Lead for Housing, Roads and Infrastructure Services, said: “Caring appropriately for those who have passed away has been an important rite for human beings for many thousands of years – whatever our beliefs.

“We appreciate the desire from people to be at rest with their loved ones in places with family connections. What we want to do is understand priorities and expectation so we can plan for the future and try to ensure that no areas are disadvantaged.”


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