Locations chosen to promote Bute

Published Date: 

23 Aug 2019 - 09:29

Three locations on Bute have been chosen to promote the island as part of the Choose Bute, Love Bute campaign.

Port Bannatyne, Scarrel Shore and Mount Stuart were selected from suggestions made by members of the public as favourite spots on Bute. 

From the bustle of a marina and the peace and awe-inspiring views from the beach, to the majesty and innovation of a stately home, the council will feature these locations in promotional photos of Bute

The campaign is part of the council’s work to address Argyll and Bute’s falling population, by showcasing the area as a great place to live and work.

Provost Len Scoullar, said: “I’d like to thank everyone for their suggestions. These three locations represent Bute well and this is a great start as a spearhead to our promotion of Bute.

“Today we launch the Choose Bute, Love Bute brand. We invite local businesses and residents to use of the emblem, the www.abplace2b.scot website and our social media #abplace2b to tell the world what a great place we live, learn and work in.

“Already, Bute has its fair share of innovative businesses, ranging from major employers to small artisan enterprises. However, like the rest of the region, Bute needs to attract skilled workers like teachers, healthcare workers, engineers and entrepreneurs to help it flourish.

“Estimates show that Argyll and Bute needs to attract 10,000 more people by 2027 just to maintain the services we all depend on every day.

“We know from research that many of the people we would like to attract here think of Argyll and Bute as a good place to visit and relax, but don’t yet know that this is also a place to develop a career or business success.”

Provost Scoullar continued: “Our promotion will focus on showing people exactly how they can enjoy a fantastic lifestyle and some great career and business opportunities too.

“With help from businesses and residents, telling us why they choose and love Bute, we will promote our success stories and show there is much, much more to the area than just beautiful scenery.

“Together, we can give Bute the future it deserves for its residents, its young people, its businesses and for those who join us in the future.”

The council will commission photos that showcase Bute as a good place to work and do business, with the three locations as a beautiful backdrop, highlighting the lifestyle that is also on offer here.

Photographers interested in Bute are welcome to contact the council for a briefing on what is required – workingtogether@argyll-bute.gov.uk - and submit a bid from there.

Completed bids are invited by Friday 13th September.