Life as a foster carer


We're kicking off our fostering appeal this week to try and encourage more people in Argyll and Bute to come forward and be assessed to become foster carers. Moyra Paterson and her husband Peter both have full-time jobs and have been foster carers for six years now.

We caught up with the couple to find out all about it.....


The couple first enquired about foster caring when a child they knew was taken into care and they felt helpless. 

Moyra said: “We couldn’t do anything to help at the time but I knew we had to do something to help other young people facing a similar outcome. 

“We contacted the council’s fostering team to find out a bit more information and six years later we’ve looked after 13 young people to date.” 

With five grown up children between them, and the couple both working full-time, it’s not been easy but they’ve managed to juggle childcare and work commitments to make it work. 

“It can be challenging at times but it’s definitely worth it - it’s so rewarding,” Moyra said. 

The couple work as temporary, interim and short break carers and look after young people aged between 2 and 12 years old. 

“We treat them like our own children so it can be difficult when they have to leave because you can get very attached,” she said. “At the same time though it’s great to see them moving on to a positive outcome, whether it’s back to their parents or to new adoptive parents. It’s a mix of emotions.” 

Moyra’s youngest daughter is 20 now, but she was just 14 when the couple began fostering. “She loves it,” says Moyra. “She is a great help, especially with the younger children, and wants to foster care herself when she’s older. Don’t get me wrong, it is hard work but it’s so rewarding and we receive great support.” 

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