Update on Helensburgh Pier

Discussions between the council, Helensburgh Seafront Development Project (HSDP) Group and Waverley Excursions will help plan for the future use of Helensburgh Pier.

The 147-year-old timber pier was temporarily closed on advice by consultants Arch Henderson, who recommended that a detailed structural analysis be carried out to confirm the structural integrity of the pier.

Timber testing is currently underway, by specialist contractor Evova BM TRADA, at the timber pier.

Once this is complete, the council will used the Arch Henderson inspection and the Evova timber analysis report to carry out a structural analysis to ascertain the load-bearing capacity of the pier. This report – expected to be completed by February 2019 - will also consider what work, if any, is needed to repair the timber pier.

Councillor Roddy McCuish, Policy Lead for Roads and Amenity Services, said: “While the technical work is carried out we are talking with those other groups with an interest in the pier.

“Officers have already met with Waverley Excursions to look at next year’s itinerary. The overall condition of the pier, and whether we can re-open the berth face, will be known before the timetable goes to print in late March. Obviously, the ability to allow the Waverley to berth next season will depend on the cost of any works required and the likely timescale for completing them.

“We are also liaising with HSDP to keep them up to date with what is going on.

“The council fully appreciates the economic potential that a fully operational pier could offer Helensburgh. The good news is that the original masonry pier is in good condition as is the outer facing of the rock armouring.”

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