Don't be scammed by bogus callers!

Argyll and Bute Council’s Trading Standards team is warning people to be aware of doorstep cold-callers, after receiving reports of traders turning up unplanned at peoples’ homes in the area to offer household maintenance, repairs and general improvement work.

Before carrying out any work at your property, traders must provide you with written details that include the name and address of the trader, the price and details of the work involved.

You must also be given a 14 day cooling-off period in writing, so that you can change your mind and cancel the work if you wish to do so. The trader must not start work before these 14 days unless you have given your written permission to do so.

The Council’s Policy Lead for Planning and Regulatory Services, Councillor David Kinniburgh, said: “We are urging residents who are thinking about getting work done to their property, to ensure that they are given full details of the requirements in writing. The traders must also be fully willing to wait until the cooling-off period has ended, before they agree to any work.

“If the traders won’t follow the rules, it isn’t worth taking the chance. You could end up badly out of pocket and with a lot of un-needed stress.”

If you ever feel uneasy about a caller at your door, contact Trading Standards or Police Scotland immediately.

For further advice on your rights in relation to unexpected callers please contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506.

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