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Since 2014, as part of its Growing Our Own scheme, Argyll and Bute Council has employed over 30 Modern Apprentices. This has provided opportunities for young people to earn while they learn, kick starting their career by providing an opportunity to benefit from paid work experience and gain an industry recognised qualification. We are committed to continuing to provide apprenticeship opportunities for young people within the local area.

What is a Modern Apprenticeship?

A Modern Apprenticeship provides the opportunity for a young person aged 16-24 to gain a qualification while in employment. This provides them with work experience and therefore a range of additional skills and experience alongside their qualification.

 This combination and the structure of learning bring a host of benefits to the Modern Apprentice. These include:

  • Earn as you learn.
  • Gain experience and skills that employers are looking for.
  • Gain an industry recognised qualification.
  • Experience a great transition into the World of Work.
  • Provides an opportunity to gain further qualifications without leaving the local area.


Why choose a Modern Apprenticeship at Argyll and Bute Council?

Argyll and Bute Council has recognised that Modern Apprentices play a key part in our workforce. Not only do they provide us with young and enthusiastic employees, but also the opportunity to secure a skilled workforce for the future.

A Modern Apprenticeship is a great start to a young person’s career. Therefore we have built a programme which will not only provides them with a qualification and work experience, but also with additional skills to help them kick start their career. At Argyll and Bute Council, Modern Apprentices really are getting a well-rounded learning experience. 

We are committed to the development of all of our employees and therefore Modern Apprentices are eligible to access a number of different development opportunities throughout their apprenticeship.  This includes access to our E-Learning Resources, where Modern Apprentices can access an extensive e-learning library which can be utilised to enhance their skills and knowledge.


Benefits of an Apprenticeship at Argyll and Bute Council

In addition to the benefits listed above, Argyll and Bute Council feels strongly that Modern Apprentices should get as much learning and development opportunities during their framework as possible, and therefore Modern Apprentices can also benefit from the following:

  • Development days for Modern Apprentices, providing additional skills and training to ensure all apprentices receive the best possible learning experience.
  • A network of peers to provide opportunities to establish and develop relationships with other Modern Apprentices within the council, providing instant peers, colleagues and a support network.
  • Access to an intensive training programme, including e-learning courses to ensure exposure to as much learning and on the job training as possible.
  • Possibility to do additional qualifications such as Duke of Edinburgh Awards and Saltire Award to boost CV.
  • Managers equipped with guidance and support to ensure that they provide the best learning experience possible.



Achievements of Apprentices at Argyll and Bute Council 

In 2016, 2 of our Apprentices were shortlisted for The Scottish Training Federation Achiever of the Year Award – Chris Cupples and Steven Simpson.  Only 3 people are shortlisted for this award so it is a fantastic achievement for both apprentices, with Steven going on to be the overall winner. 




Recruitment of Modern Apprentices at Argyll and Bute Council

Our Modern Apprenticeship Vacancies are advertised through My Job Scotland The majority of vacancies are advertised as part of our bi-annual cohorts of Modern Apprentices. We believe that by recruiting a number of vacancies at once, this provides additional benefits to the Modern Apprentice including a peer group where they can share ideas and socialise, supporting each other to realise their full potential.  Where possible, recruitment will take place via these cohorts, however if you are interested in an apprenticeship you should register for alerts on My Job Scotland to ensure that you do not miss others.


Still need convincing?

Find out about the experience of some of our former and existing Modern Apprentices here.

Or view a sample of their experiences from these testimonials:

"I have had the opportunity to gain a qualification in the field I’m interested in, while creating great memories that I will never forget. This was an amazing experience that I wouldn’t change.” - Naomi


"I am glad I became a Modern Apprentice, it was an ideal opportunity. My professionalism has developed a lot.” - Liam


“This gave me a great chance to learn and get experience before going out and getting a job. I’m really happy that I’ve got a job with the council – it means I can continue doing something I’ve really enjoyed.” - Samantha


“Having work experience in your chosen career path is so beneficial to your career, as it provides not only a grounding in what you have chosen to study but it also provides amazing CV credibility, it shows that you want to work and are passionate about the subject.” - Cameron



You’re hired! Modern Apprenticeships from the service point of view

It’s clear that Modern Apprenticeships offer young people a great opportunity to earn and learn at the same time. But taking on a Modern Apprentice also brings real benefits to council teams - especially when it comes to planning ahead for the future, and making sure we have a sound bank of skilled people who’ll be able to deliver services.

Sandra Black, Fleet Performance Manager is currently responsible for five apprentice mechanics. This is the fourth year that her team has been working with apprentices and Sandra is enthusiastic about the process.

“It’s excellent for them and for the council,” she said. “We have been involved with our apprentices all the way from application stage to interview, to starting work in the depots. It’s been a very good experience for the team, who are proud to be able to act as mentors and pass on their skills. Working with the apprentices is also fun – they are really keen and that’s like a breath of fresh air for the rest of the team.”

“There is a misconception that all apprentices do is brush the floor – that’s simply not the case. Our apprentices fit in really well – they don’t just work for the team, they are part of it. We’ve structured the service so that all the apprentices get the chance to travel around all our depots to work and learn. This gives them the chance to see different parts of Argyll and Bute, meet and work with other colleagues, work on different things – and all that adds to their training and work experience.”

“I would encourage other teams to look at what a Modern Apprentice could bring to their service. For us it has been a really positive thing to do.”



Q: What qualification will I undertake?

A: This is dependent on the framework being offered. In most cases it will be a Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ), to find out more about SVQ’s visit .


Q: How will my training be delivered?

A: The delivery method will vary dependent on the qualification chosen, often a tutor will visit you at your workplace, and occasionally arrangements would be made for you to travel to a college/training centre. Any travel costs incurred whilst attending college/training centre will be reimbursed by the council in line with its Travel and Subsistence policy.


Q: How long will the Apprenticeship last?

A: The length of the apprenticeship will again depend on the qualification being offered. The majority of the frameworks offered by Argyll and Bute Council are 1 year long. This will be stated in the job advert.


Q: What qualifications do I need to apply?

A: The Job Description and Person Specification will set out the qualifications that we ask for the role, however we feel that behaviours and attitudes are equally as important, therefore if you are short of the required qualifications please still feel free to apply. Qualifications are not everything, and there are occasions where we can reconsider the entry requirements.


Q: What level of qualification will I work towards?
A: The level of qualification depends on the framework being selected. The Scottish Credit and Qualification framework can help you find out further information about the level of a qualification.
Q: Am I eligible for a Modern Apprenticeship?

A: In order to be eligible for a Modern Apprenticeship you need to be aged 16-24.  You cannot apply for a Modern Apprenticeship if you are:

  • At school, college or university full-time. (unless planning to leave)
  • An overseas national who is subject to an employment restriction or a time limit on your stay in Great Britain – or both. But if you’re a refugee or asylum seeker, you can apply.
  • Already on an employment, training or enterprise scheme that’s funded by the government or Skills Development Scotland.
  • In custody as a prisoner, or on remand.
Q: How to I apply for a Modern Apprenticeship?
A: Argyll and Bute Council advertises it’s Modern Apprenticeship Vacancies through My Job Scotland.  Twice a year, Argyll and Bute Council recruit Modern Apprentices on a cohort basis. Vacancies can still occur out with these times, so you can set up alerts on My Job Scotland to ensure you are notified when a vacancy goes live.
Q: Who can I contact to find out further information about Apprentices at Argyll and Bute Council?
A: You can email or call 01546 604137.

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For more information on Growing Our Own or Apprentices at Argyll and Bute Council please contact: or call 01546 604137


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