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We are looking for caring, talented and compassionate, people to join our care teams and provide help to those who need it.

By becoming a home carer you could transform someone’s life, as well as your own. Anyone can work in the care sector, regardless of age or gender, and there are lots of great opportunities to further your career.

Why working in care could work for you

• Flexible hours to suit you

• Work independently

• Regular training and the opportunity to gain professional qualifications

• Learning experiences that can set you on the right path for a number of other professions

Jade's story

Jade used her experience as a carer to learn new skills.

“I started working as a home carer in 2013 to gain skills and experience of working in a caring environment. It was a job I’d never thought about doing before and I didn’t quite realise the level of responsibility involved. With training and support from my manager at the time, my knowledge and confidence grew and I quickly realised that this was a role that came naturally to me.

“It suited me because I could work independently and the hours could be flexible. It also helped me during my application to the police because I was gaining essential skills required for moving forward. You have to learn to quickly adapt to the different environments and this is something I use every day now as a police officer.”

Opportunity to gain professional qualifications

There are lots of opportunities for people who work in the care sector. Take William, Caroline and Stephanie for example: all three work as home carers and have gone on to gain their SVQ certificates whilst at work.

When William applied to be a home carer he had no previous experience of working in a care environment, but he was drawn to the role by the variety that it was able to offer him. It wasn’t until he attended an interview that he discovered the range of opportunities, training and diversity that a career in care could offer. He got offered the job, and happily accepted, before going on to tell his friend Caroline all about his new career.

Caroline quickly realised that this was exactly the challenge she was looking for and also applied for a position. Both have been working as carers for a number of years and haven’t looked back since.

Stephanie’s story is slightly different, but again highlights the diversity of working as a home carer. Stephanie had family and friends who were carers and she recognised the sense of reward and achievement it gave them. She was looking for a job whilst at college and thought that working in care would be perfect.


Home carers have a huge impact on the lives of the people they look after and their families. Many of those who receive care are unable to leave their own home and quite often the only person they see all day is their home carer. Simply having a chat with a friendly face is enough to make a positive difference to both their physical and mental wellbeing and helps provide them with a vital lifeline.

Having a home carer changed Bill’s life 

Bill was only 52 when he suffered a stroke and started receiving home care.

“I can’t emphasis the difference having a carer has made,” he said. “I’d always been very active but my stroke left me weak down one side and I suddenly found myself struggling with everyday tasks. I convinced myself I’d have to go into a care home and this had a huge impact on my mental health - I was too young.

“My doctor referred me for home care and this changed my life. John, my carer, is like a brother to me. My family don’t live locally so quite often John’s the only person I see all day. He helps get me out of bed every morning, makes my meals, and helps me do the housework. I really look forward to his visits - I don’t think carers quite realise the difference they make to people’s lives. I for one am truly grateful.”

Job opportunities

We provide homecare services across Argyll and Bute.

If you would like to register interest in working in care, or want to find out more, please send us your details in this form and we will be in touch. Alternatively, you can view our home care brochure below or call us on 01546 605517.

If you would like more information about opportunities in particular areas, please use the following contact details.








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