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Keep up with information posted on websites.

What are RSS feeds?

Feeds provide an easy way to keep up with information posted on websites. When you subscribe to a feed, new content is sent (or 'syndicated') directly to your computer or handheld device the second it is added to the site. This site offers feeds in a format known as Really Simple Syndication (RSS).

Receiving the feed

If you want to browse and subscribe to feeds  you need to use a feed reading application (also known as a "news aggregator") these generally come in two types.  Those that you download and install on your computer, and those that you use in a web browser.

Many modern e-mail programmes and web browsers have a 'news reader' included.

Setting up a feed differs from one reader to another, but it generally involves copying the URL of the feed and pasting it into the reader.

Feeds and Alerts

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