How good is your place?

Area wide engagement results using the Place Standard Tool.

How good is your place? Area wide engagement results using the Place Standard Tool

Between May and October 2019, the Community Planning Partnership (CPP) used the Place Standard tool to engage residents in Argyll and Bute on how they feel about the place(s) that they live and work in Argyll and Bute.

We are very grateful to the 1,558 responses that we received.

We hope you find the information easy to understand and of interest to you and your community.

We are pleased to see that the thematic areas of Natural Space, Feeling Safe, Identity and Sense of Belonging and Social Contact came out with the highest scores, needing the least improvement, when considering Argyll and Bute as a whole.

We have set out what we will now do as a Community Planning Partnership with the information provided.

Please note: The information received in the engagement is the views of the respondents and may not represent the views of all the community. This information is helping to shape plans for the area. Other information such as information from partners data and statistics is also used to consider priorities for improvement. 


The results of the engagement can be accessed in the link below. They are grouped under the four administrative areas. The engagement has been undertaken at a place-based level and respondents provided their postcode, groupings of postcodes have created the settlement/community level detail.

Read all the results from the consultation here

The results are available for community groups and partner agencies to use, for example, to assist with service planning or for community-led action plans.

We appreciate that the documents can be lengthy due to the amount of information and we hope that the format is user-friendly.

The information is the views of individuals who responded to the engagement. We trust that the information provided will be viewed within the context of which it is provided. We are grateful to all those who have taken part in the consultation and believe in sharing information for openness and transparency.

Next steps

The CPP will analyse the information to identify priority themes for improvement within each of the four administrative areas and shape actions to address these where this is possible with resources.

We are currently mapping out what activity is already happening, what is planned within the next 3-4 years and where the gaps are.

This information will be considered by both the CPP Management Committee and the Area Community Planning Groups to shape the actions.

The final agreed actions will become part of our four Area Community Planning Action Plans, due to be refreshed in 2021.

To get involved, contact your local Area Community Planning Group.

If you have any questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions Guide or contact Community Planning by e-mail: , phone: 01546 604 464.


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