Maintenance advice

Maintaining a building is an on-going process. Just as an MOT is required for a vehicle, it is useful to carry out regular inspections to your property to ensure it remains wind and watertight and to safeguard your investment.

Here you can get information, advice and contacts about maintaining your building.

You can find some handy tips on maintaining your home on the SPAB website (The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings)

If you are a tenement owner have a look at our Tenement maintenance guide, which gives advice on working together with your neighbours, setting up an Owners Association to keep the tenement sound, your responsibilities and how the council can help.

For more information regarding Owners Associations see the Private Sector Housing Pages

Ten Minute Home MOT

(Using binoculars can be helpful! )

1) Do you have a chimney?

  • is it leaning?
  • is there any growth coming from the top?
  • can you see if there is any mortar missing from the joints?

2) Check your roof covering

  • if it is covered with tiles or slates, are any slipped or missing?

3) Look at the ridge tiles along the top of your roof.

  • are they all there?
  • are there gaps where they join each other - i.e. can you see daylight through the joints?

4) Check your gutters

  • are they leaking at joints?
  • do they overflow?
  • are they catching water from the roof or is it running down the wall?

5) Behind the gutters are the soffit and fascias and at the end of the roof quite often there are barge boards

  • are they bare wood or have cracked paint?

6) Are your rainwater pipes working?

  • are they cracked?
  • are they fixed securely?
  • are they blocked with things like leaves, twigs, tennis balls and even dead birds?

7) If your windows and doors are made of timber they need painting every three to five years

  • is there bare wood especially on the cills and the lower parts of the opening sashes?

8) Look at the bottom of the rainwater pipes to check the gullies

  • have they been regularly cleaned?
  • are they working properly?

9) Check all growth against the building especially trees bushes & ivy

  • have you removed, cut back and pruned carefully where necessary?

10) If your 10-Minute Home MOT has identified problems consult a builder for specialist advice

  • have you checked out your advisor and asked for references?


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