Boilers and Chimneys

The Clean Air Act requires that all new industrial boiler plants shall be capable of operating without emitting smoke and a proposed installation must be notified to the council. 

Solid fuel boilers with the capacity to burn fuel at a rate exceeding 45.4 kg/hr will require the chimney height to be approved and may require a dust arrestment plant to be fitted.  Approval of chimney height is also required for gas or oil boilers whose capacity exceeds 366.4 kW. 

Make an application

Completing your application

How to apply

Applicants must apply in writing to the Environmental Protection Officer. The supporting information required will vary dependent upon the plant to be installed and you are therefore advised to contact the Environmental Protection Officer to discuss your site prior to submitting any information.


There is no fee associated with registration.

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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Any person can apply who has responsibility for the plant.


The Application ProcessThe Application Process

On receipt of the complete information, the proposed plant will be considered.  If the chimney height is to be approved you will be issued with written confirmation as to the height and any other conditions imposed.