Local Licensing Forum

The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 Sections 10 and 11 introduce the Local Licensing Forum. Each council must establish a Local Licensing Forum for their area. Each Local Licensing Forum has the following general functions:

  1. keeping under review:

i.     the operation of this Act in the Forum's area; and

ii.    in particular, the exercise by the Licensing Board and its functions, and 

b) giving such advice and making such recommendations to the Board in relation to those matters as the Forum considers appropriate.

A Local Licensing Forum cannot give advice, or make recommendations, in relation to, the exercise by the Licensing Board of their functions in relation to a particular case.

Composition and Business of Licensing Forum

A Forum is to consist of such number of members (being not fewer than 5 and not more than 21) as the relevant council may determine.  At least one of the members must be a Licensing Standards Officer for the council's area and one must be a representative of the Health Board for the area. 

In appointing members of a Forum, the council must seek to ensure so far as possible that the membership of the Forum is representative of the interests of persons or descriptions of persons who have an interest which is relevant to the Forum's general functions.  Those persons include:

a)     holders of premises licences and personal licences,

b)     the chief constable for the police area in which the Forum's area is situated,

c)     persons having functions relating to health, education or social work,

d)     young people,

e)     persons resident within the Forum's area.

Meetings of the Forum are to be chaired by an elected convener.

Each Forum must, in each calendar year, hold at least 4 meetings.

Each Licensing Board must hold, at least once in each calendar year, a joint meeting with the Local Licensing Forum for the Board's area.


If you require further information on the Local Licensing Forum, or are interested in becoming a member, please contact one of the licensing standards officers.