Licensing Complaints

Alcohol Licensing complaints are handled by the Licensing Standards Officers (LSOs).

An Alcohol licensing complaint may be received directly by the LSO by telephone, e-mail, letter, in person, or may be received as part of a Premises Licence Review from the Clerk to the Licensing Board.

The role of the LSO in licensing complaints is that of a mediator, who will work with both sides in any complaint. The LSO remains impartial throughout and offers advice to both sides in an attempt to resolve the complaint.

If, through mediation, the complaint cannot be resolved, then under Section 36 of The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005:

“Any person may apply to the appropriate licensing board in respect of any licensed premises in relation to which a premises licence has effect for a review of the licence on any of the grounds for review.”

The grounds for review are:

a) That one or more of the conditions to which the premises licence is subject has been breached; or

b) Any other ground relevant to one or more of the licensing objectives.

Further information on the premises licence review process can be found in the Licensing Standards Premises Licence Review Application Information Pack.