Licensed Premises Inspections

The Licensing Standards Officer inspections of licensed premises in Argyll and Bute fall into the categories of formal and informal.


A programme of formal licensed premises inspections is ongoing to ensure that premises are compliant with the provisions of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.  Areas inspected are:

  1. statutory notices display (including licences)
  2. staff training and awareness
  3. management overview
  4. security
  5. children and young persons provisions

Where compliance failures are found, the Licensing Standards Officer will offer assistance and a timescale to rectify.  A follow up inspection will be arranged with the expectation that the failures will have been rectified.  However, should the compliance failures continue, a compliance notice will be served on the premises licence holder/premises manager, which could ultimately lead to sanctions being imposed by the licensing board.

The programme of formal licensed premises inspections runs to a three year rolling programme, so that all licensed premises are visited at least once within that period.


Informal inspections do not fit into the rolling programme of formal inspections.  An informal inspection usually develops out of an unannounced visit or can be at the request of the premises licence holder or premises manager looking for advice to gauge the level of compliance of the premises.

If you require further information on licensed premises inspections please contact one of the licensing standards officers.

Common Compliance Failures

This ready-reckoner should assist you in complying with legislation.