The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Licensing (Clubs) (Scotland) Regulations 2007 regulate licensed clubs in Scotland.

Clubs are required to obtain a premises licence prior to alcohol being sold in the club.

Clubs can operate without a premises manager and the sale of alcohol does not have to be authorised.

Clubs must abide by the club constitution and in particular in relation to non-members of the club:

Other than when an *occasional licence has effect, no person is to be supplied with alcohol on the club premises unless that person is –

i.  a member of the club;
ii.  a person who is on the premises at the invitation of a member of the club and is accompanied by that member; or
iii.  a member of another club which falls within the description prescribed in paragraph (1);

Where a person referred to in (ii) above is supplied with alcohol on club premises when an occasional licence is not in effect, there is to be entered in a book kept for the purpose –

i.  the date in question;
ii.  the name and address of the person; and
iii. the name of the member accompanying the person

Personal Licence and Licensed Clubs

Licensed clubs are not required to have a Designated Premises Manager and therefore a personal licence holder is also not required. However, some clubs have nominated members to hold personal licences to assist with the training of members in the sale of alcohol. So, if any member holds a personal licence it should be available for inspection and the licence holder must ensure that the licence is refreshed every 5 years and renewed every 10 years.

*Occasional Licence - The fact that a premises licence is in effect in respect of premises used wholly or mainly for the purposes of a club is not to prevent an occasional licence being issued in respect of those premises.

If you require further information on clubs then please contact one of the licensing standards officers.