Tenement Common Repair

Advice on maintenance of tenement buildings.

A tenement is a building comprising of two or more related flats that separate from one another horizontally. 

Tenements differ from other forms of housing because all owners and tenants have a shared interest in the building.  Common repairs to the roof, wall structures, chimneys, gutters, etc, require owners to work together to a common goal if a good repair and maintenance regime is to be achieved.

Tenement maintenance guide

Get advice on your responsibilities as an owner, how to get together with your neighbours to plan and pay for repairs and maintenance, how the council can help and advise, and how to get a grant towards a home condition survey

Owners' Associations

Tenemental common repair requires organisation and administrative arrangements between all owners in a building to make decisions about a range of common activities.  Find out how to set up and run an owners' association.

Common Repair Responsibilities

Owners need to be aware of their own responsibilities and that of their neighbours, for maintaining the common parts of their tenement. 

Technical Guides

What are technical guides and when do you need them.

Paying for Works and Grants

Paying for works is an owner’s responsibility.  The principle source of funding for major works is private loans.  

Works and other Legal Notices

In extreme cases, when all other reasonable actions have failed to have serious common disrepair remedied, the Council may serve a legal notice on an owner requiring action.

Specialist Help for Disabled and Elderly

Information is available for adapting the home to suit a person with a disability or an elderly person.

Find out how to apply for planning permission or a building warrant

See our planning guidance pages or apply for planning permission or a building warrant.

Landlords and Common repairs

If you are trying to contact or locate a landlord in order to get them to contribute to common repairs there contact details or that of their agent can be found on the Private Landlord Register which is a public document and free to search. The landlord Register can be found here www.landlordregistrationscotland.gov.uk . If there are no details contact the landlord registration team and they may be able to assist further landlord.registration@argyll-bute.gov.uk 


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