Paying for Works and Grants

Paying for works is an owner’s responsibility.  The principle source of funding for major works is private loans. Most people invest in their home in this way.  

For this reason any consideration for grant assistance requires an onerous assessment of the owner’s ability to fund the works themselves.

Any grant assistance to support an owner’s responsibility to pay for works is granted at the discretion of the local authority.  There is no ‘right’ to public assistance for private property.

Subject to assessment and availability Argyll and Bute Council may be able to offer private owners some financial assistance. Full details are available in Grants for Private Homes booklet (currently under review).

Tenement Feasibility Study

To assist owners in sub-standard tenement buildings to appoint professional advisors to prepare condition reports, feasibility studies and other pre-project planning work.

  • Grant of up to £250 per unit of shared costs.

Common Repair Grant

A discretionary grant for common repair works in tenements.

  • Owner occupiers – 40% of costs up to a maximum of £10,000
  • Private Sector Landlords and Business Premises – 30% of costs up to a maximum of £7,500

Amenity Grant

A discretionary grant to improve the amenity of a clearly defined area (tenement, street, estate)

  • Maximum 30% of costs up to a maximum of £1,000 per house

Energy Efficiency

The Scottish Government, Home Energy Efficiency Programme (HEEPS) is targeted at households experiencing fuel poverty. Grant is subject to budget, geographical limitation and Scottish Government criteria.

  • Grants of up to £7,500 per house

Empty Homes

Please refer to Empty Homes webpage and empty homes funding booklet for further information.

Private Water Supplies

If your property served by a Private Water Supply (i.e. not provided by Scottish Water) that is in need of repair, upgrade or improvement a non-means tested improvement grant may be available.