Know your building

Tips on what to look for on your property.

Act now before it needs major surgery

Go outside and look up for…

  • Slipped or missing slates.
  • Dislodged, leaking or overflowing gutters.
  • Loose brackets for gutters.
  • Staining suggesting broken/blocked downpipes.

In your flat or shop, look indoors for damp patches on ceilings

  • In the middle of the ceiling?– could be a loose or broken slate or a plumbing leak.
  • At the corner with an outside wall – a problem with gutters.
  • At the corner by a gable wall – a problem with flashings.

Check your chimneyheads

  • They are highly exposed to weather and often damaged by flue gases.
  • Cap unused flues to prevent dampness (but make sure you leave ventilation lower down).

Check the outside walls for…

  • Areas of decayed stone on external walls.
  • Gaps in the pointing between bricks or stones.
  • Cracks, especially those going across lintels above windows or snaking down the building.
  • Cracks between stairs or between stairs and walls.
  • Lintels or courses of stone off level.
  • Bulging or leaning walls.

(These last four could indicate possible structural problems.)

Look in the close for…

  • Loose or missing balusters – children could fall through.
  • Uneven steps- a hazard to users.


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