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Energy Efficiency

Argyll and Bute Council’s Home Energy Efficiency Team is committed to helping home owners and private-rented tenants in Argyll and Bute improve the energy efficiency of their homes, reduce their fuel bills and help to ensure they can live in warm, comfortable homes.

Through the Scottish Government’s Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Scheme (ABS) grants are available to homeowners and private-rented tenants to install the following energy efficiency measures to your home:

  • External wall insulation
  • Internal wall insulation
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • Underfloor insulation
  • Room-in-Roof Insulation

To qualify, your home must be in Council Tax Band A, B or C

Householders in Council Tax Band D are also eligible if the property has an energy rating (EPC rating) of E to G

Island-based Householders, in addition to the above, in Council Tax Band E to H are eligible if the property has an energy rating (EPC rating) of E to G

(Argyll and Bute Council will confirm your energy rating if you don’t know it – there will be no cost for this)

Home Energy Efficiency

Argyll and Bute Council’s Housing Service is committed to helping private home owners and tenants improve the energy efficiency of their homes, reduce their fuel bills and help to ensure they can live in warm, dry homes.

For all energy efficiency improvement schemes, please contact Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282.

Homeenergyscotland.org 0808 808 2282

Housing Association tenants should contact their landlord in the first instance for advice and assistance.

The Home Energy Efficiency Team aims to:

  • Deliver the Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Scheme grant programme for home owners and eligible private rented properties across Argyll & Bute.
  • Direct home owners to Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 for advice on home energy, fuel poverty, grant and other financial support programmes.
  • Promote and coordinate the work of local organisations with common aims of improving home energy efficiency, reducing fuel poverty and making a positive change to the challenges of climate change.

Argyll and Bute Council Housing Services are committed maximising Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding across the Local Authority area.  As part of this, the following Statement of Intent has been created to assist with bringing additional funding into the area.  For further information or access to a signed copy of the Statement of Intent, please contact us.

Read the Statement of Intent (February 2020) here

(Superseded - Statement of Intent Version 1)

Home Energy and Fuel Poverty

The Scottish Government defines fuel poverty as follows:

  • After housing costs have been deducted, more than 10% (20% for extreme fuel poverty) of their net income is required to pay for their reasonable fuel needs; and
  • After further adjustments are made to deduct childcare costs and any benefits received for a disability or care need, their remaining income is insufficient to maintain an acceptable standard of living, defined as being at least 90% of the UK Minimum Income Standard (MIS).

To take account of the generally higher costs of living in Scotland’s remote, rural and island communities, the legislation provides for uplifts to be applied to the MIS for households in these areas.

Who Can Get Help?

There are numerous financial schemes available to help all private owners, tenants and landlords together with regional and local agencies to give advice and support.  Most housing associations will have services to aid and assist their tenants.

How Can I Get Help?

 The Scottish Government have established a home energy advice agency called Home Energy Scotland.  They have information on all available funding programmes available in Argyll and Bute and are the entry point for most energy efficiency schemes.  This includes the Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Scheme programme managed by Argyll & Bute Council. Contact Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282.

Homeenergyscotland.org 0808 808 2282

The following grant schemes are currently available in Argyll and Bute:

  • Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Scheme – This insulation programme is eligible for Council Tax Band A-C properties (and D with an EPC rating of Band E, F or G). 
    Island properties only – Council Tax Band E and above with an EPC rating of Band E, F or G.   An estimate will be provided by Home Energy Scotland; and confirmed by BCA Insulation. 
  • Warmer Homes Scotland – This scheme offers funding and support to households struggling to stay warm and keep on top of energy bills.
  • Equity Loan Scheme – The Equity Loan Scheme allows for householders to take equity out of their property to fund repairs and energy efficiency works
  • Home Energy Scotland LoanThe Home Energy Scotland Loan can provide interest free loan funding for energy efficiency measures or to install renewable measures such as heat pumps or battery storage.  Cashbank funding may also be available, please check current position with Home Energy Scotland.
  • Home Energy Scotland can also provide wide ranging advice and information and can refer to other agencies.   Local agencies listed below may also be able to help with individual advice and support and can be contacted direct.

In addition to specialist energy advice agencies Argyll and Bute Council provides a comprehensive Welfare Rights service across Argyll and Bute to help make sure people on low incomes are receiving the statutory financial help they are entitled to.  

Energy efficiency in private rented housing

A Private Rented Sector Landlord Loan is available to support landlords to install energy efficiency and renewable energy measures to reduce the EPC rating of the property in line with Scottish Government Regulations. 

Proposed Regulations will set out a minimum standard for energy efficiency in the private rented sector and will be made available at a later date.

Home Energy Scotland (HES) can provide free impartial advice on energy efficiency improvements and on funding options, including what financial help might be available – Tel: 0808-808-2282.

More information can be found on the link below:-

Private Rented Sector Landlord Loan: overview - Home Energy Scotland

Our Partners       

Our Partners include the following: 

  1. Home Energy Scotland - Freephone 0808 8082282
  2. ALIenergy, covering the whole of Argyll and Bute - Contact 01631 565183
  3. Registered Social Landlords and Housing Associations: ACHA, Dunbritton HA, Fyne Homes and West Highland HA
  4. Local Energy Scotland
  5. Argyll and Bute Care and Repair
  6. Citizens Advice Bureau
  7. Islay Energy Trust
  8. Iona Renewables

All of these organisations are members of the Argyll and Bute Energy Efficiency Forum.

Climate Change

Climate Friendly Argyll and Bute logoArgyll & Bute Council have produced a Decarbonisation Plan to address Climate Change and are working towards being a ‘net zero’ organisation by 2045.  The plan supports and promotes activities undertaken by the Council’s Climate Change Board. 

Climate change is expected to influence warmer, wetter weather in Scotland, providing more irregular and harsher weather conditions.  This will have an adverse effect on housing through increased levels of condensation, damp and mould. 

The Scottish Government’s Climate Change (Emissions Reductions Targets)(Scotland) Act 2019 sets targets to reduce Scotland’s emission of all greenhouse gases to net-zero by 2045 at the latest, with interim targets for reduction of at least:-

  • 56% by 2020 based on 1990 levels
  • 75% by 2030 based on 1990 levels
  • 90% by 2040 based on 1990 levels
  • 100% by 2045 (net-zero emissions)

Argyll & Bute Council are working towards these targets through the various energy efficiency programmes and initiatives outlined above.  This ensures that we are working towards reducing our greenhouse gas emissions; adapting to climate change, and ensuring that advice and support is in place to assist people to live a more sustainable and energy efficient lifestyle.

Housing Services Contacts

If you have any queries regarding Energy Efficiency or Fuel Poverty then please contact: 

Jacqueline Westerman, Energy Efficiency Officer Tel: 01586 555943, E-Mail: jacqueline.westerman@argyll-bute.gov.uk  or

Brenda Galbraith Energy Efficency Assistant Tel: 01546 604254, Email: brenda.galbraith@argyll-bute.gov.uk

Or write to the above officers at:

Argyll and Bute Council, Kilmory, Lochgilphead PA31 8RT

Alternatively, you can contact Home Energy Scotland, the national energy efficiency Freephone helpline on: 0808 808 2282