grant net logoAccess GRANTnet to search for funding

 GRANTnet is a straightforward free to use service from GRANTfinder, which can help you to identify suitable funding for their activity or project. It allows community and voluntary groups, sports and other clubs, schools, social enterprises and small businesses to search across a huge range of funding sources.

What is GRANTnet?

The main features of this interactive database are as follows:  

  • Easy-to-use search tool which can be offered as a single stand-alone source of funding information for enquirers.
  • Up-to-date information on over 7,000 grants and other incentives; GRANTnet is powered by GRANTfinder, a long-standing product renowned for the depth and accuracy of its information.
  • Rapid identification of funding sources specific to need.
  • Data sourced from EC and UK Government sources, including Government departments, local authorities, charitable trusts and corporate sponsors.

How to access GRANTnet

When using the system for the first time, go to the 'New to GRANTnet? Register here' link on the GRANTnet ‘Log in’ screen. Details to be entered include your e-mail address (this will become the username), name, organisation, postal address and telephone number. Clicking on the 'Register' button will generate an e-mail providing a password within minutes.

Using GRANTnet

Having logged into the system, you must answer a few simple questions about your organisation and the project which you wish to undertake; GRANTnet will then provide an overview of all the schemes available.

Give us your feedback

If you use GrantNet to help identify and get some funding it would be helpful for us to know. We are constantly reviewing how we offer support and customer feedback is very important. Contact us with your feedback at