Growing Our OwnWe recognise the benefits that new graduates can bring to the workforce, and we want to ensure that we can provide local people, who have moved away for higher education, the opportunity to return to the local area to have a successful and fulfilling career. Also, we want to attract new young people to the area who can benefit from the advantages, living and working in Argyll and Bute can bring. We aim to attract people to experience the benefits of not only living in Argyll and Bute, but of working for an organisation that can support you to realise your full potential through an exciting, diverse and successful career.

Our graduate scheme, provides opportunities for graduates to join the organisation and undertake their post graduate qualification, which is often required in order to join a professional body or for them to be fully qualified. This happens whilst working and being supported by Argyll and Bute Council, therefore we are providing graduates with the opportunity to learn on the job from experienced professionals.

Across a number of years, our graduate scheme has provided a range of opportunities for graduates to join the organisation.


Our graduate vacancies are advertised on My Job Scotland and also through University Career Sites.