GM Duncan's Bequest



Please note: this fund is now closed for applications

Campbeltown residents are being invited to apply for a £25 voucher for individuals and a £50 voucher for families (households of more than one person) from the town’s GM Duncan Bequest and Andrew Greenlees Trust. The voucher can be used at selected retailers in Campbeltown.

Major George Melville Duncan, who died in 1958, bequeathed money to the then Campbeltown Town Council for the ‘benefit of the poor of the Burgh in the form of gifts, of fuel, clothing and foodstuffs during the winter months’. Andrew Greenlees set up a Trust on his death which provided for the poor of Campbeltown.

Applicants should note that the application approval process comprises a number of filters to ensure that the use of the funds meet the terms of the bequest.  The first of these filters is that only one application per household can be considered and that applications will generally not be considered where the income of the household is above £190 per adult resident in the household per week. Only residents of the Royal Burgh of Campbeltown are eligible to apply.

The trustees evaluate each application and determine awards in relation to each approved form.

Application forms are available in PDF and Word format below, these can be saved and completed electronically or printed off and returned by e-mail or post. Paper copies of the application form can also be obtained by contacting Iona Campbell, Senior Committee Assistant, at 01436 658 801 or or Shona Barton, Committee Manager, at 01436 657 605 or

All application forms should be returned by e-mail to or returned by post to Iona Campbell, Legal and Regulatory Support, Argyll and Bute Council, Kilmory, Lochgilphead, PA31 8RT no later than Monday 8th November 2021.

For any enquiries, please contact:

Iona Campbell, Senior Committee Assistant
01436 658 801

Shona Barton, Committee Manager
01436 657 605