Planning pre-application consultation

The Council’s Development Management Service is reviewing its Pre-Application Guidance Service. We’d like to understand what our customers expect and need from the service as we go through the review. Our survey is looking for feedback from people who have used the service before, and from people who may use it in the future for getting advice on planning applications.

Pre-application planning advice is an informal advice service, provided by the planning authority, to assist customers with queries, such as confirming whether or not planning permission is required. It also offers feedback that helps customers identify key issues, constraints and policy considerations when they are preparing their development proposals.

Whilst there is no statutory requirement to provide a pre-application advice service, local authorities are encouraged by the Scottish Government to offer prospective developers the opportunity to have pre-application engagement. It has been noted that pre-application engagement has the potential to speed up the subsequent formal planning process. This is because key issues and the requirement for additional information have been identified early during the design stage of a proposal and resolved - if possible – before the application is submitted. Pre-application engagement also allows a prospective developer to obtain an informed view from council officers on the draft proposals, which in turn helps to inform their own expectations and management of risk within the application process.

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