Archibald Dow Bequest

Please complete all parts of this form to apply for the Archibald Dow Bequest fund.

Applicants must be over the age of 16, resident in Taynuilt (i.e. anyone within the post code areas shown below), and can apply as individuals or on behalf of their family. Successful individual applicants will receive £50, while those that are applying on behalf of their family will receive £100. Applicants will receive a maximum of one award each calendar year.

Applicants should note that the application approval process comprises a number of filters to ensure that the use of the funds meet the terms of the bequest and the Trust.  Applications will only be considered from individuals if they are in receipt of a qualifying benefit (Jobseekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Income Support or Universal Credit), or from those people who are employed/self-employed applications will only be considered if they are in receipt of some amount of Universal Credit.

Applications will be evaluated quarterly (March, June, September and December). Please note the deadlines for receipt of applications are 15th February, May, August and November respectively.

Eligible postcodes - 

PA35 1AG, PA35 1HP, PA35 1HR, PA35 1HT, PA35 1HU, PA35 1HW, PA35 1HY, PA35 1HZ, PA35 1JA, PA35 1JB, PA35 1JD, PA35 1JE, PA35 1JF, PA35 1JG, PA35 1JH, PA35 1JJ, PA35 1JL, PA35 1JN, PA35 1JP, PA35 1JQ, PA35 1JR, PA35 1JS, PA35 1JT, PA35 1JU, PA35 1JW, PA35 1JX, PA35 1JY, PA35 1JZ, PA351LA, PA35 1YD

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Please confirm that you are either in receipt of a qualifying benefit, or that you are employed / self-employed and in receipt of Universal Credit

You need to confirm that one of these criteria apply to you before you can submit an application to this Fund.

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