Five reasons to repair your tenement

Examples of why you should seek to repair your tenement.

Five reasons to repair your tenement

  1. Tenements in better repair sell faster and are worth more – especially now every potential buyer sees the Home Report.
  2. You are doing your legal duty to maintain your property.
  3. Minor repairs not dealt with quickly can cause further and even more expensive problems.
  4. The cost of repairs tends to increase faster than inflation.
  5. If stones or slates or chimneys fall and hurt people, you will be legally responsible and could be sued.

For example - 60 Main Street, Campbeltown

 "It was not just the state of repair of this building that was letting down the street, but the empty shop was a let down to passers-by. By working together, the owners managed to get a common repair scheme underway. Now one of the shops has been sold and  new business has started up."
James Lafferty - Campbeltown Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) Project Officer

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