Information regarding the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit)

Advice for EU citizens

Argyll and Bute is home to some residents from different European Union (EU) countries, all of whom make an important contribution to our area.

You will want to know as much as possible about what will happen when the UK plans to leave the EU in March 2019, a process known as ‘Brexit’.

We will put all relevant information on this web page as it becomes available.

The Scottish Government’s website at provides information and guidance to help you prepare for the EU exit, including a 'no deal' situation. While not all information is available at this time, regular updates will be made to the site as new information becomes available.

The EU Settlement Scheme at provides further details about how EU citizens and their families can obtain settled status in the UK. The scheme is due to open fully on 30 March 2019.


Advice for businesses

The UK and Scottish Governments have both provided useful guidance for businesses to help prepare for the UK leaving the EU. Both websites will raise your awareness of the risks, rewards and challenges of the new economic landscape by highlighting areas that you need to plan for. It will direct you to resources, advice, events and services to help you develop your plans.

Scottish Government Brexit guidance at

UK Government Brexit self-assessment tool at

In March 2019, a new ‘Brexit Support Grant’ for small to medium sized businesses was announced, offering 100% funding up to £4000.

All VAT Registered Scottish based SME companies are eligible for the grant. Full details here: