Private Water Supplies

In Argyll and Bute many premises, both private and commercial, get their water from a private supply.

Private Water Supplies - Businesses

Started/starting up a food business on a Private Water Supply - Are there any implications?

It is recognised that a significant number of food businesses such as hotels and guest houses utilise private water supplies often because Mains Water is not available in the area. The safety of any private water supply could have a direct bearing on the safety of the food provided for consumption and is therefore deemed a critical area of the operations. Failure therefore to assure a consistent safe supply of water could potentially pose a risk to health not only via consumption, but indirectly via contaminated food stuffs.

In view of the potential risks associated with the use of a private water supply any documented food safety management system should include the necessary control measures, monitoring procedures, contingency plans etc. Example procedures are available from the Food Safety Team who can also be contacted here.

A brief information note introducing you to private water supplies and food businesses is available here. You must also ensure you obtain and display a Drinking Water Poster your supply will be classed as a Type A supply and will require routine testing, the results of which must be provided to those who may be affected such as staff, and visitors to the premises and a formal  PWS risk assessment must be carried out. Contact us for further information. Grants are available to carry out any improvements required. 

Started/starting up a self-catering business on a Private Water Supply - What should you do?

Many self –catering accommodation premises are served by private water supplies and careful consideration should go into providing an adequate treatment system that can be maintained. You must display a Drinking Water Poster and your supply will be classed as a Type A under the Regulations, requiring routine sampling and a risk assessment to be carried out. You must ensure users of your property are made aware of any sample results. Further specific, detailed information is available in our Information sheet.

 Grants are also available for carrying out improvements to your private water supply.

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