Phasing Delivery of 1140 hours of ELC in Argyll and Bute

Information on the phasing Delivery of 1140 hours of ELC

It is important to plan for deliver of ELC in 2020.  As stated before, the Scottish Government has funded two 1140 hours trials in Argyll and Bute - one in Tobermory and one in Tiree throughout session 2017-18.  In addition to this eight settings from across Argyll and Bute were offered 1140 hours of funded ELC from January 2018.  Additional capital and revenue funding from the Scottish Government will be used to phase increased ELC hours to a range of ELC settings across Argyll and Bute over the next two years.

Again, we looked at the following elements in planning to phase our expansion of ELC within Argyll and Bute:

  • The needs of parents, carers and families within ELC clusters across Argyll and Bute
  • The sustainability of partner providers which provide much valued wraparound childcare within the towns and surrounding areas of Argyll and Bute
  • The sociodemographic profile of each of the ELC clusters - using the SIMD profile of each nursery
  • Projected economic development within ELC clusters
  • Availability of workforce

All childminders will phase in as their areas.

Our Phasing Plan will tell you when your area will be phased in.

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