Parenting, Family Activities and Support

Information on local activities and support.

Parent and toddler groups

There are plenty of parent and toddler groups across Argyll and Bute for you and your little ones to go to: Find parent and toddler groups in your area here

Parenting across Scotland

Parenting across Scotland provides support for parents and families through their information service and partners' helplines. They find out what matters to parents and families and what they need, and get this across to politicians. They also share research, policy and good practice with people who work with families.

PoPP (Psychology of Parenting Project)

We know parenting can sometimes be tough and the Psychology of Parenting Project (PoPP) may help. If you have a three or four year old and find the challenge of parenting them a difficult one, you may be entitled to free support from PoPP to help you find positive ways of dealing with these challenges.

Find more information about PoPP by contacting your health visitor, nursery staff or PoPP direct at or call 01700 501544.

Bookbug Sessions

Free Story, Song and Rhyme sessions for babies, toddlers, pre-school children and their families.

To find out about sessions in your area, call Linda Burgar on 01631 569192 or email:

Play at Home

Parents of all new babies in Argyll and Bute will be offered these three books; the baby book will be delivered by their health visitor, the toddler book will be posted directly to the parent's home around the child's first birthday and the preschool book will be issued when the child enrols in nursery.

For more information, contact Sheena Stewart on 01369 708517 or email:

Help paying for Childcare

Visit the Childcare Choices website to find out more about help paying for childcare.

Tax Free Childcare

Childcare Vouchers are now closed to new joiners, the deadline was the 04th October 2018. The Government’s Tax Free Childcare Scheme has been launched and is available to all eligible families.

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