Funding Alert 208 May 2021

Funding Opportunities in May

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We have updated the emergency funding opportunities in Funding Alert this month. There are a few of this months funding oppertunities that have very tight deadlines (Highlighted in RED) don’t delay getting that application in. For updates and information on Business Funding take a look at our Business Gateway page.

This page shows a sample of "this months’ offers" from the Funding Alert buletin. If you have any suggestions of how we can make Funding Alert better or an area you think we can improve, please let us know. Remember the funders are organised into categories of funding streams, a click on the categories in the topic index that will take you to the chosen section, then click on the link to see if you can apply, short application deadlines are highlighted in red so make sure you’re quick off the mark! This page shows only a few of the opportunities on offer in this month’s Funding Alert; just download it from here or sign up for a copy to be sent to your email. Don’t forget to have a look at our support pages they might help with your application. We hope you find something that supports all of the great work you are doing out in our communities.


 Climate beacons banner.jpg

Climate Beacons for COP26

Climate beacons header.jpgClimate beacons pic 1.jpg

Climate Beacons for COP26 will be a Scotland-wide collaborative project between climate change or environmental organisations and arts, heritage or cultural organisations to stimulate long-term public engagement in the lead-up to and following COP26.  Creative Carbon Scotland is currently looking to hear from organisations working in the arts, climate, culture, environmental or heritage sectors that are interested in participating in the project. We are currently organising funding to cover participating organisations’ activity and will invite formal applications from prospective partnerships if and when this has been secured..

Partnerships are now open and will close on Monday 10th May at 9am 2021

Com ownership fund banner.jpg

The Community Ownership Fund

Com ownership fund header.jpg

From summer 2021 community groups will be able to bid for up to £250,000 matched-funding to help them buy or take over local community assets at risk of being lost, to run as community-owned businesses through the UK Community Ownership Fund.  Bids will be accepted from all communities across the UK. In most circumstances, bids should be made from community and voluntary organisations with formal governance in place, such as a Community Trust.  Projects should be focused on place-based assets or amenities, which are important to the local community, build connections between people and foster a sense of pride in the local area – but are at risk of being lost without community intervention. There will be an emphasis on ensuring the asset or amenity can be sustainable in community ownership.

Opening June  2021

3rd sector growth fund banner.jpg

Third Sector Growth Fund

3rd sector growth fund header.jpg

A new £30 million fund is being established to support small businesses within the third sector, helping them to grow as Scotland recovers from the impacts of coronavirus.The fund will be designed to respond to a need for third sector organisations to access loans to help grow and explore new forms of social investment and finance. It will also help support the sector to meet the challenge of the pandemic and to become more sustainable in the long-term.

Opening Soon 

Third Sector Growth Fund - (

  adapt and thrive banner

2. Adapt & Thrive Programme

 adapt and thrive header

Grants and Loans up to £250,000 to support organisations across the third sector to adapt to the challenges presented by COVID-19 and build back better to thrive in the future. It supports organisations to reflect on their current operations and determine which areas need to change, flex, innovate, or grow in order to be resilient and financially sustainable during and post COVID-19.The programme is delivered in partnership by Firstport, Corra Foundation, SCVO, Just Enterprise, Community Enterprise and Social Investment Scotland.On 24 February the Scottish Government confirmed additional investment for the Community and Third Sector Recovery Programme, which will allow Adapt and Thrive to continue until the end of June 2021.Adapt and Thrive offers tailored, specialist advice, as well as grants and loans. The advice is designed to help organisations to build recovery plans that are flexible, allowing them to stay open, respond to the planned easing of restrictions or adapt quickly to any changes in guidelines or tier levels whilst working towards financial sustainability. The funding is unrestricted so it can also adapt around the needs of the organisation

Deadline 30 June 2021

.......Check out Funding Alert for more details

Volant trust banner

3. Volant Charitable Trust - COVID-19 Response Fund

 Volant trust header

Grants are available to charities that demonstrate a strong focus on alleviating social deprivation and helping vulnerable groups who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Deadline 31 July 2021

.......Check out Funding Alert for more details

 Argyll and Bute Banner

4. Argyll and Bute Flexible Food Fund

Argyll and Bute Header

Argyll and Bute Council has launched a new fund aimed at tackling financial insecurity for adults and families across Argyll and Bute. The Fund offers financial support and wider confidential professional help to anyone suffering hardship. Working in partnership with the Community Food Forum, Bute Advice Centre and ALIenergy, households with low incomes and no access to cash savings can apply for immediate financial support. The Fund will help support daily living expenses.  This fund is for individuals.

Open for applications

.......Check out Funding Alert for more details

    Arts & Culture

 John Ellerman Banner

 10. John Ellerman Foundation

John Ellerman pic 1

 John Ellerman header

Grants from £10,000 to advance the wellbeing of people, society and the natural world. Support is available for charitable work in the arts, environment and social action. The Foundation is keenly aware of the connections between these areas and their effects on each other and on people’s health and happiness.

Deadline Ongoing

.......Check out Funding Alert for more details

  Bella Caledonia Banner

14. Further links to Hardship Funds 

 Bella Caledonia Header

Bella Caledonia are posting a list of hardship funds and awards currently available to artists and freelancers in Scotland. By Iona Lee - Published on 7th November 2020.

Deadline: Ongoing

.......Check out Funding Alert for more details

  Business and Enterprise header

Unltd bannerUnltd pic 1

15. UnLtd - Awards for Social Entrepreneurs

 Unltd header

Up to £10,000 of seed funding grants and support are available to inspirational leaders and early stage social enterprises in the UK to establish their own non-profit ventures with the potential to provide solutions to intractable social problems faced by disadvantaged and socially marginalised young people

Deadline: Ongoing

.......Check out Funding Alert for more details

 info for business banner

17. Coronavirus - information for businesses

info for business header

The UK and Scottish Governments have announced a package of support to assist businesses. You can use this business support finder to see what support is available for you and your business. Please check back regularly for updates.

Deadline: Changing

  .......Check out Funding Alert for more details

   Children and Families

 happy days banner

22. Happy Days Children's Charity

 happy days header

Grants to support families with children aged 3-17 who have learning difficulties, physical or mental disabilities, acute, chronic or life limiting illnesses, been abused or neglected, witnessed domestic violence, been bereaved or act as carers for a parent or a sibling

Deadline Ongoing

  .......Check out Funding Alert for more details

     community header

Com Renewal fund banner.jpg

25. Community Renewal Fund

Com Renewal fund header.jpg

The fund will support priority areas over the next financial year to prepare for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) which will be introduced in 2022.  The aim of the Community Renewal Fund (CRF) will be to support communities to trial new approaches and innovative ideas at a local level as well as providing £14m capacity funding to help places to prepare for the UKSPF. It is being particularly targeted at areas around the country which the government have identified as having a specific need for support including ex-industrial, coastal and rural communities as deprived towns. Projects must be delivered and financially complete by 31 March 2022 and have a minimum project spend of £100,000

Applications to the Fund must support at least one of the following areas:

  • Investment in Skills:
  • Investment for local business:
  • Investment for communities and place:
  • Supporting people into employment

Lead in time for applications is short, so don’t delay

Bids must be submitted by 21 May 2021

 .....Check out Funding Alert for more details

empowering women banner

26. Empowering Women Fund

 empowering women header

 Seed Funding grants of £500 to £1,000 are available to small women's groups to establish and run micro women's empowerment projects in their local area that support women to build skills and confidence, and decrease social isolation.  Women's Sector grants from £1,000 to £5,000 and large grants from £5,000 to £25,000 are available for women's groups and organisations to develop capacity to respond to changing needs in their communities and run projects over a fixed duration of at least six months

Deadline: 28 May 2021

   .......Check out Funding Alert for more details

 Land Fund banner

32. National Lottery Community Fund - Bringing People Together

 bringing people together header

Grants of up to  £300,000 are to fund ideas that enable communities to thrive by creating the conditions, infrastructure and social fabric that enable better and longer lasting ways of bringing people and communities together. This will be achieved by supporting:

  • Bold and experimental responses to bringing people together using new, or new combinations of approaches.
  • New projects or projects that build on existing work.
  • A range of projects reflecting a mix of communities and places from across the UK

Deadline Ongoing

.......Check out Funding Alert for more details

  Environment and Conservation

 southhall trust banner

38. W F Southall Trust

 southhall trust header

Grants up to £5,000 are available for charities in the UK working in the fields of environmental action and sustainability; social action; peace and reconciliation; and the work of the Religious Society of Friends.

Deadline Ongoing

 .....Check out Funding Alert for more details

 General Funding

 stafford trust banner

40. Stafford Trust

 stafford trust header

Grants between £500 and £5,000 are available to support registered charities in the UK, with a preference towards charitable organisations operating in Scotland.

Deadline: 30 June 2021

  .....Check out Funding Alert for more details


 whisky action fund banner

48. Foundation Scotland - Scotch Whisky Action Fund

 whisky action fund header

Awards of up to £35,000 are available to third sector organisations to develop and deliver short breaks projects and services for carers of adults (aged 21 years and over), young carers (caring for children or adults), and the people that they care for..

Deadline 28 June 2021

 .....Check out Funding Alert for more details

  Land and property

 Land Fund banner

53. The Scottish Land Fund

Land Fund pic 1


 Land Fund header

The Land Fund main application is currently closed but are still accepting first stage applications to help communities develop their ideas or do preliminary work around taking ownership of assets. It supports rural and urban communities to become more resilient and sustainable through the ownership and management of land and land assets. Stage two application will reopen this summer.

Deadline Ongoing

.....Check out Funding Alert for more details

     Sports header

 clubs in crisis banner


56.Clubs in Crisis Fund

 clubs in crisis header

Grants up to £2,021 are available to support sports clubs and organisations that deliver sport for development to recover from the pandemic's impact and continue their work to achieve social outcomes through sport. Specifically, the fund is looking to supporting sports clubs and organisations that intentionally deliver wider social outcomes through sport.

Deadline 07 June 2021

 .......Check out Funding Alert for more details

    young people

 leslie sell banner

66. Leslie Sell Charitable Trustleslie sell pic 1

 leslie sell header

Grants for trips or projects associated with the Scouts or Guides movement within the UK

Deadline Ongoing

.........Check out Funding Alert for more details