Maintenance Advice

You are legally required to keep your building in good order. The relevant Act is the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006. It is therefore useful to carry out regular inspections of your property to ensure it remains wind and watertight and to safeguard your investment.

It is good practice to regularly set aside funds for repairs and to plan for these in advance. An example of a maintenance plan is provided, which is recommended as a guide to help you achieve this and can be altered to suit your individual/owners' association's needs. What is an owners' association? 

Visit our online maintenance guide for advice on maintaining your tenement or, if you live in the THI area search for your property at:  

National Maintenance Week

Gutter cleaning during Maintenance WeekNational Maintenance Week is held annually in November. During this week practical and straightforward advice is offered to property owners regarding the maintenance and repair needs of buildings. Details can be found at

Just cleaning out your gutters each year could help prevent major damage in future.

Useful Information

Amenity grants and financial assistance towards a Tenement Condition Survey may be available from the Council's Housing Department to assist with building repairs .

Building repair and maintenance guides