Campbeltown Shopfront Improvement Scheme

To build on the success of Campbeltown CARS and the THI, Argyll and Bute Council delivered a shopfront improvement scheme in Campbeltown from 2019-21.  Using £60,000 from the Town Centre Fund the scheme has:

  • Helped fund repairs and improvements to 29 shopfronts
  • Provided grants of between £200 and £5,000
  • Brought 10 vacant shops back into use
  • Helped 8 new businesses to start creating 15 jobs
  • Helped businesses with painting, signage, timber and render repairs and associated fees
  • Built on the success of the Campbeltown CARS and THI
  • Helped reduce commercial vacancy rates from 13 units in 2019 to 3 units in 2021
  • Contributed to Campbeltown becoming Scotland’s Most Improved Place 2020

Please note - All funding is now committed

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The Treeshop - before The Treehouse - after
The Treehouse

The Harlequin - before The Harlequin - after
Harlequin Tearoom

42 Main Street - photo before improvements 42 Main Street - photo after improvements
42 Main Street

Kintyre Re-use Hub before Kintyre Re-use Hub after
Kintyre Reuse Hub

Main Street - before 10 Main Street - after
10 Main Street

Made in Kintyre - before Made in Kintyre - after
Made in Kintyre

Westwards Vets - before Westwards Vets - after
Westwards Vets

Shopper Aide - before Shopper Aide - after

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