Campbeltown Shopfront Improvement Scheme

Between 2019 and 2023 the Campbeltown Shopfront Improvement Scheme awarded over 50 grants to local businesses to support repairs and improvements to their shopfronts., helping 8 new businesses to open and brining 10 vacant units back into use. The scheme was delivered in five phases with grant funding from the Town Centre Fund, Argyll and Bute Council and the Local Authority COVID Economic Recovery Grant .  Some of the new shopfronts are displayed below:

Please note - All funding is now committed

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The Treeshop - before The Treehouse - after
The Treehouse

The Harlequin - before The Harlequin - after
Harlequin Tearoom

42 Main Street - photo before improvements 42 Main Street - photo after improvements
42 Main Street

Kintyre Re-use Hub before Kintyre Re-use Hub after
Kintyre Reuse Hub

Main Street - before 10 Main Street - after
10 Main Street

Made in Kintyre - before Made in Kintyre - after
Made in Kintyre

Westwards Vets - before Westwards Vets - after
Westwards Vets

Shopper Aide - before Shopper Aide - after

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