Short Term Lets exemption checklist

Exemptions from needing to apply for a short term let.

You will need to apply for a license if:

  • you will be using all or part of your own home for short-term lets while you are there or you are absent (for example, letting when you are on holiday)
  • you will be letting a property where you do not normally live, for example a second home

You do not need to apply for Short Term Lets if:

  • You are providing your property for free
  • You are letting property to immediate family
  • You are having a friend over to stay NOT in the arrangement in the course of business
  • Your business is already licensed for accommodation and/or overnight stays. For example:
    • A restaurant with rooms or an inn
    • licensed caravans
    • Camping grounds where guests bring their own tent/equipment.
    • Working Mobile accommodation such as canal boats or yachts.
    • Hotels
    • Self-catering property in the grounds of a licensed hotel
    • Aparthotels
  • You are letting property for Health and care accommodation including:
    • residential care homes
    • and nursing homes.
  • You are letting property for Educational accommodation including:
    • residential schools
    • colleges
    • training centres
    • purpose-built student accommodation
    • Student halls of residence
    • where your guests live with you for the principal purpose of advancing their education and the arrangement has been a made or approved by a school, college, further or higher educational institution (such as a university
  • You are letting property for Secure residential accommodation, including:
    • prisons
    • young offenders institutions
    • detention centres
    • secure training centres
    • custody centres
    • short-term holding centres
    • secure hospitals
    • secure local authority accommodation
    • military barracks
  • Your are running Hostels and refuges.
  • You are  providing Shift accommodation owned by an employer and provided to an employee
  • Your guests live with you for the principal purpose of providing work or services to you (The same applies in respect of guests living in other premises)
  • You are Letting out or providing a property to an individual where it is that individuals principal home. for example:
    • Letting out property as a private residential tenancy
    • Agricultural tenancies such as crofting and social housing
    • Providing accommodation to a lodger (including refugees) in your own home
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