Best Value 3 Report

The Controller of Audit has now provided the Council with a copy of the latest Best Value Report.

The report is made by the Controller of Audit under section 102 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973. The report will be considered by the Accounts Commission at its meeting on 7 May. It is important to note that while the Controller of Audit report is now available it is not ‘complete’ until the Commission decides what it wishes to do with it.

The Council require to make the report available for public inspection. While a copy of the report may be viewed and downloaded here, the Council has had regard to the terms of the  Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 and in particular schedule 6, part 3, and will not be making hard copies of the report available for inspection at Council offices or Libraries as by doing so may give rise to a significant risk of the transmission of coronavirus, the availability to view or download being considered sufficient in all the circumstances.

Update - 11th June 2020

The Accounts Commission considered the Controller of Audit’s Best Value Assurance Report in respect of Argyll and Bute Council at their meeting held on 7th May 2020.  The Accounts Commission’s findings were published on 21st May 2020 and a copy of the final Best value Assurance Report can now be viewed here:

Best Value Assurance Report - Argyll and Bute Council - May 2020

Update - 7 July 2020

At a meeting on 30th June Argyll and Bute Council considered a report by the Accounts Commission and its findings in respect of the Argyll and Bute Council Statutory Best Value Report. The Council welcomed the findings and agreed the content of an Action Plan which sets out how the Council will implement the recommendations of the report and agreed that it be submitted to the Accounts Commission within the three months’ timescale. The Action Plan is available to be viewed here:

Best Value 3 Action Plan - June 2020