Attracting the people we need



There are many reasons for choosing to live and work in Argyll, Bute and our other islands: this is a beautiful place that inspires people to love it, where businesses can succeed and families thrive.

Building our future

Estimates show that we need another 10,000 people by 2027 just to maintain the services we all use; more to develop the area.

To give Argyll and Bute, and everyone in it, a great future, we need to encourage people to stay, move to and work here.

Word cloud of examples of promotional slogansThe competition

We’re not the only area that wants to attract new people. We’re up against a lot of competition from places that are promising great things to families, businesses, students and individuals. So we have a lot of work to do to stand out from the crowd.

Standing out from the crowd

We need to sum up how people – residents and visitors – feel about us in a few, memorable words.

Our promotional branding has been inspired by comments and views from our young people and members of the public.

It sums up the pride in Argyll and Bute that we see around us, and also our challenge: to attract the people, investment and jobs we need to give Argyll, Bute and our other 22 inhabited islands a great future.

Family brand:  Choose.. Love…

We introduced #abplace2b as a way in which to promote the area on social media.

Following an enthusiastic response from members of the public, we created to promote opportunities to live and work here.

We also developed ‘Choose Argyll. Love Argyll.’:

  • It is short and snappy to help capture and retain the attention of the people we are trying to attract
  • It highlights the area's fantastic unique selling point - that this is a place that inspires people to love it.
  • We can produce a family of emblems – that look the same, that drive attention to the same place ie #abplace2b/, and that draw on people’s wish to support their own local area - for example, Choose Bute. Love Bute.

Our Choose...Love...emblems include #abplace2b.

'abplace2b’ is the unifying element, bringing all promotion together – so that we achieve all benefit possible for Argyll and Bute.

Please get involved

We would love as many people as possible to get involved in showing why people should choose to work here and why they will love living and working here.

Let us help you promote your business, group or organisation by sharing your success on or on social media. You can:

  • Use #abplace2b on your social media posts;
  • Use the Choose Argyll. Love Argyll. and/or Choose Bute. Love Bute. emblems on your promotional materials;
  • Tell us why you choose to live and work in Argyll and Bute and why you love living and working here so we that can tell others via our social media and marketing campaigns. Contact us at

Together we can make Argyll and Bute a place that people Choose and Love

Quotes showing why people Love Argyll and Bute