The Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007

Are you concerned about an adult who may be at risk?

  • If your request is urgent and during normal working hours, call us on 01546 605517.
  • If your request is urgent and outwith normal working hours, or on a public holiday, call the social work emergency line on 01631 566 491  or 01631 569712.
  • If you think it is an emergency situation, you can call the police on 999
  • If your enquiry is not urgent, you can send us your enquiry using oursocial work enquiry form

 Adults at
Risk of Harm
  Adult Protection

The Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007

The Act makes clear that there are many agencies who work together to protect adults at risk of harm. These include Argyll and Bute Council, Strathclyde Police, staff from the NHS and many others.

Staff from many public organisations have a duty to report to the council if they believe an adult is at risk of harm and the Act gives the council the duty to make inquiries. Staff will investigate the circumstances and may look at relevant records, ask for a medical examination and interview the adult who may be at risk.

On rare occasions a council is able to use legal powers to gain access to the adult in question, to remove them to somewhere safer for a while or to ban someone who may harm them from specific places.

But most importantly they will talk to the person at risk about what help and support may be available to help protect them.  

 What to do if you are worried about someone

It is everyone’s business to help protect adults who may be at risk. If you know someone who you believe is being harmed please tell us so that we can help them to protect themselves.

If you believe that someone is in urgent need of help to keep them safe please contact the police on 999.

If you want to report harm you think or know is happening to an adult, you can contact Argyll and Bute Social Work Department on 01546 605517