Accessibility Roadmap

The table below outlines some of the issues that we are currently working on as part of our accessibility roadmap.

Bin Calendar PDFs are not accessible

While we cannot fix the calendars at the moment, we have adapted our bin lookup feature to show all remaining collection dates for the Calendar year. This provides the same information in an alternative and accessible way. We will continue to investigate ways of generating accessible PDF calendars and other alternative views of this information.

We have implemented an Amazon Alexa 'skill'  which cllows you to ask your smart device when your next collection will be.  While this is not a fix for the issues mentioned above, we hope it will provide anothe useful means of accessing the information.

Inaccessible PDFswe have a list of inaccessible PDFs from out Accessibility checking service (Siteimprove) and we are working through these documents fixing issues and/or replacing the PDF with HTML web pages.
Some page landmarks do not have a unique role or role/label/titleWe are adapting tour site theme to accommodate these requirements and remove out of date ARIA attributes
It’s not always possible to change the device orientation from horizontal to vertical without making it more difficult to view the content.
This is a manual review and testing process. We have fixed the majority of occasions where this happens but are aware that more may exist. We will fix these issues as they are identifed.
It’s not always possible for users to change text size without some of the content overlapping.
We are reworking elelements of our form module and currently testing new functionality to meet this requirement. 
Some of our Pages have "regions" without an accessible name.
We are reworking elelements of our form module and currently testing new functionality to meet this requirement. 
Some Iframes do not have appropriate 'title' attributes
We are working with third party supplier to resolve this issue. We anticipate this work will be completd by November 2021
Advertising elements (images) on may not resize appropriately on small screens.
 We are working with third party supplier and updating our site theme to resolve this issue.We anticipate this work will be completd by November 2021


Resolved issues

The following issues have been flagged to us by siteimprove and subsequently resolved:


Resolved issueConformanceOccurrencesPages
Page has no titleA22132213
Role without required contextA1460582213
Button without a text alternativeA22382213
Required ARIA attribute is missingA4342102213
Autocomplete does not work as intendedAA22142213
Link without a text alternativeA1532922213
Browser zoom is restrictedAA22132213
Image without a text alternativeA279962213
Invalid roleA220272213
Visible label and accessible name do not matchA1304122213
Page language has not been declaredA22132213
Page language not recognizedA22132213
Context-giving role has no dependentsA279172213
Color contrast is not sufficientAA1127272213
Form field is not labeledA44412213
Hidden element has focusable contentA22602213
Element IDs are not uniqueA909302213
Empty headingsA260712213
Inline frame without a text alternativeA4834
Multiple inline frames with the same text alternativeA4834
Unknown language tag in page bodyAA10517
Image button without a text alternativeA1717
Some elements do not have sufficient colour contrast e.g. 'Coronavirus Menu'AA whole site
Theme/skin for our third party system is not fully accessible.A whole site
Some form elements do not have correct ARIA attributes.AA  
Some form fields are not labelled correctly.   
The Theme/skin for some of our online forms is not fully accessible   



 Last updated: 4 October 2021