Young Person's Guarantee (YPG) - Information for Employers

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Information for Employers

To help mitigate the significant labour market impact of Covid-19, the Young Person’s Guarantee is a commitment to Scotland’s young people.  It creates the opportunity of a job, placement, training or volunteering for every 16-24 year old in Scotland – based on their own goals and ambitions.

The aim of the Scottish Government Funded Project is to deliver fairer and more inclusive communities where every young person has an opportunity to reach their potential. Young people entitled to support through this fund are those who are:

  • Unemployed (excluding those in full time education);
  • About to leave school without a positive destination;
  • School leavers without a positive destination;
  • In low paid employment;
  • At risk of redundancy;
  • At risk of losing an apprenticeship;
  • Leaving training, volunteering, college or university without a positive destination;
  • Low–skilled;
  • Without qualifications at SCQF 5 or above; or
  • Underemployed.

Specific priority will be given to those who are considered to be most at risk and have multiple barriers to employment, to help support their engagement, participation and progression. Multiple interventions and options may be offered to ensure they get the most effective support in order to achieve the desired objectives.

How can employers help an eligible young person?

The YPG provides 26 weeks funding to support employers to create jobs to help build their future workforce.

A total of 60 in work training places are available across Argyll and Bute:

  • The sustainable job must be a new job that would not have been created without access to the In Work Training Allowance;
  • Employers must be able to demonstrate capacity to offer sustained employment;
  • Only small to medium sized companies or organisations from the Private and Third sectors with up to 250 employees will be eligible to access the In Work Training Allowance for the benefit of the trainee;
  • Eligible employers will be able to access up to two offers of In Work Training Allowance.

How many hours does the funding cover?

Employers will be fully reimbursed for all wages costs (including national insurance) associated with the young person working 25 hours per week paid at the national minimum wage.  Employers wishing to recruit a young person for more than 25 hours can do, however, all associated costs relating to the additional hours will be met by the employer.

How is the funding claimed?

This is very straight forward.  Funding is claimable every 4 weeks/monthly in arrears by submitting a claim to the Employability Team along with the young person’s wage slip to evidence payment has been made.  The claim form must be signed by the employer and young person.  Payment will be made by bank transfer.  The funding is a de minimis aid.  A letter relating to de minimis aid will be issued by the council prior to the first payment.

Is there any money for training?

Yes, however, this is awarded on an individual basis.  At the outset of employment an Employability Team Keyworker will complete an Initial Assessment and Individual Action Plan with the young person.  Employers will feed into this plan relating to training, setting goals and targets.  An Individual Action Plan Review will be carried out at months 2, 4, and 6 of employment.                                                                                                                                           

If you are interested in accessing this funding and would like to discuss further, please contact the Employability Team on; or telephone 01585 555990