Working with resistance training - Part 1


2 Feb 2022 -
09:00 to 12:00

Summary : 

For practitioners working in Oban Lorn & the isles


Online Via Microsoft Teams


‘Resistance’ is an important and multi-faceted concept in the context of child protection work. From time to time agencies will come into contact with families whose compliance is apparent rather than genuine, with an underlying reluctance, resistance or sometimes angry or hostile approach to change, and an inability or unwillingness to acknowledge and/or address the risks to the child.


This 2 part online course is for all those working to improve outcomes for children where the above features, with the aim of helping participants:

  • Recognise and understand resistance, non-engagement and non-compliance
  • Increase their skills and confidence to work with these issues directly, in partnership with families and other agencies.
  • Recognise and effectively manage the impact of parental resistance, non-engagement or non-compliance on developing and implementing the Child’s Plan
  • Test out learning and assessment tools in their practice between part 1 and 2 of the training.


It is being delivered on a locality basis so that people working together on child’s plans are training together to develop a common language, shared understating and good joint working practices to collectively recognise and respond to resistance.

Part 1 focuses on the theory and practice tools to help understand and identify the multi-faceted concepts of resistance in the context of child protection. Participants will then have the opportunity to test out their learning and in practice before returning for part 2.

Part 2 is practice based, focused on responding to resistance in families. It begins with a reflective practice session, then focuses on developing conflict resolution communication skills when faced with resistance in child protection work.


Practitioners from children and adult services who work and engage with parents as part of their work in leading or contributing to child’s plans, where parental resistance features or is suspected. Or those supervising practice in these areas.  

This course targets those working in the Specific and Intensive contact workforces as set out in National Framework for Child Protection Learning and Development in Scotland



Please ensure you can attend both sessions before booking a place.

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Places are limited to 12 so if you are allocated a place and can’t attend you must let us know in advance so your place can be re-allocated.