Identifying and Responding to Child Sexual Exploitation


2 Oct 2019 -
09:30 to 15:30

Summary : 

Understand the key terminology and definitions in relation to CSE


Helensburgh Civic Centre Marriage Room


Helensburgh and Lomond


Child sexual exploitation is a form of sexual abuse, in which a child or young person is manipulated or forced into taking part in a sexual act.

  • It may involve an exchange of gifts, money, alcohol, emotional attention, protection or debt payment towards the victim or the person exploiting them.
  • It can happen to any child or young person.
  • For some young people the grooming process might seem like a normal friendship or relationship to begin with.
  • It can happen online or offline, and without the child or young person being aware of it.




This training aims to give staff in Argyll & Bute the tools to spot the signs of child sexual exploitation (CSE), identify risk factors, and confidently take action to safeguard and promote the welfare of children or young people who are being, or may be, sexually exploited and take action against those who are intent on abusing and exploiting children and young people in this way. 

 By the end of the course participants will:

  • Have considered prevalence rates of child sexual abuse and how these might relate to their setting
  • Understand the key terminology and definitions in relation to CSE

       •  Developed an understating of the nature of CSE by identifying and understanding of the key vulnerabilities factors, risk indicators and spectrum of experiences in relation to CSE.

  • Understand their role and the roles of others agencies in relation to CSE
  • Develop strategies to increase confidence in direct work with children and young people regarding CSE

        •  Understand how they should proceed if they have concerns about a child or young person being sexually exploited, including having the knowledge and skill to use Argyll & Bute’s CSE screening tool as part of their assessment.

  • Recognise the importance of information sharing and multi-agency partnership in responding to children and young people.




This training is for all staff who work directly with young people or have a role in leading or supporting child assessment and plans. It is particularly relevant for child protection co-ordinators in schools, guidance and support staff, social workers, youth workers, police, foster carers, residential staff, NHS staff and people with child protection responsibilities.


This training is targeted at the Specific & Intensive Contact Workforce Groups* from Education, Health, Social Work, Police, Youth Work Services & Housing. To identify which workforce group you fall into go to:





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