David Hayman - The Cause of Thunder


19 Feb 2017 - 19:30

Summary : 

David Hayman reprises Bob Cunningham - wrestling with retirement, politics, referendum votes, Corbyn, Brexit, refugees…


Victoria Halls, Helensburgh


Helensburgh and Lomond

Box office 01436673275

A funny thing happened on the way to the pub… Bob Cunningham thought he saw a man ascend into the sky.

It’s two years after the referendum, and Bob Cunningham has stuff on his mind: whether or not to take early retirement; politics, of course, and what to do about the No vote, Brexit, Corbyn, the refugee crisis… that weird thing about rising into the heavens… and not forgetting the letter from Ethel, his ex-.

It puts him in storytelling mood - Bob’s one of life’s raconteurs - all the while trying to decide what to do about retirement and the onset of old age, and whether his life’s work is done. Is he finished? Can he come to terms with his, and his country’s, past, and future?


Follow-up to The Pitiless Storm, performed by David Hayman, written by Chris Dolan, directed by David Hayman Jr.

Tickets: £14 Adult and £12 Concession.

Box office 01436673275