Council Officer Five Day Training


16 Sep 2020 -
09:30 to 16:00

Summary : 

Understand the importance of Capacity and Consent in ASP


Various Venues & Dates


Mid-Argyll, Kintyre and Islay


To attend this training you must also book to attend the EWT session on Tuesday 15th September  in Kilmory Council Chambers.

Venues & Dates for this five day training are as follows

All are from 9.30am  - 4pm


  Day 1 16th September Committee Room 1 Kilmory

Day 2 20th October Council  Chambers Kilmory

 Day 3 21st October Committee  Room 1 Kilmory

 Day 4 24th November Council Chambers Kilmory 

 Day 5 25th November Committee   Room 1 Kilmory 





Feedback from Council Officers has made clear the need for more participative, engaging and in-depth training as we seek to embed ASP good practice in Argyll and Bute.  Accordingly, the following programme has been agreed for the year April 2020 to April 2021. 

Course Participants

This course schedule has been extensively trialled and has been running successfully elsewhere for some time.  It is commended by, and therefore aimed at, experienced Social Workers, new and more experienced Council Officers and First Line Managers. 

This six-module / five-day course offers a very significant opportunity for all staff involved in ASP work to take time to consider, and to encourage the consolidation of, good practice.  It will be delivered over a period of time to ensure that participants have time to embed learning.

Day 1 – Module 1 - The Foundations of ASP

This day will set the scene for the whole programme by establishing the core foundations of the Council Officer role.

On completion of this course, participants will –

  1. Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Council Officer and the Supporting Officer
  2. Understand the importance of Capacity and Consent in ASP
  3. Understand the contemporary legislative framework for supporting and protecting adults
  4. Understand the role of the Mental Welfare Commission, the Care Inspectorate and the Office of the Public Guardian
    1. Understand good practice in recording and defensible decision making.
    2. Reflections on the Day.

Day 2 – Module 2 - Gateways to Adult Support and Protection

Day 2 looks at ‘gateways’ – the entry points for people into the ASP process.  Time is taken to unpick the Three Point Test, Inter-agency Discussion and also to appreciate the potential ASP implications where Self Harm and Self Neglect might feature.

On completion of this course, participants will –

  1. Understand 3-point criteria as a gateway to support and protection
  2. Appreciate the differences and nuances of -
    1. Harm & Serious Harm
    2. Undue Pressure
    3. Understand the implications of self-harm / self -neglect in ASP
    4. Understand the components of the Inquiry Process, in particular the IRD
      1. Appreciate thresholds for a concern
      2. Reflect on my learning.


Day 3 am – Module 3 - Participation, Advocacy and Support – a half day course

Here we will look at the essential importance of engagement and participation and consider the positive impact that good Advocacy or relevant ‘other support’ may have on positive outcomes.

On completion of this course, participants will –

  1. Understand the foundation principle of Service User Engagement
  2. Understand the essential role and importance of Advocacy in ensuring the adults views are heard
  3. Understand and appreciate the central role of Communication Support in the engagement of the Adult at Risk of Harm
  4. Consider the related Recording and Defensible Making Implications
  5. Reflect on my learning.


Day 3 pm – Module 4 - The Adult Case Conference – a half day course

Building on the participation of the adult at risk of harm, this session looks at the essence of an effective Case Conference.

On completion of the course, regarding the Adult Case Conference, participants will -

  1. Understand when it is necessary and its purpose
  2. Recognise good practice in engaging the adult
  3. Understand the importance of inter-agency contributions
  4. Understand decision making and action planning
  5. Understand the importance of follow-up and review
  6. Reflect on my learning.


Day 4 – Module 5 - Risk Identification, Assessment and Management

This day will consider the classic risk framework and take account of lessons learned about harm in support and care settings.

On completion of this course participants will –

  1. Understand the Risk Framework in the context of ASP
    1. Risk Identification
    2. Risk Assessment and
    3. Risk Management
    4. Appreciate the subtleties and complexities of Risk of Harm
    5. Appreciate the indicators of risk in support & care settings
    6. Reflect on my learning.


Day 5 – Module 6 - Investigative Interviewing

This final day takes participants through the specifics of the investigative interview from the planning through the interview, closing and reporting on the interview. 

On completion of this course participants will –

  1. Have gained an understanding of the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 in relation to practice
  2. Understand the Adult Protection Investigative Process
  3. Be aware of the requirements in planning, undertaking and reporting the investigative interview
  4. Understand their responsibilities in the Council Officer / Supporting Officer role
  5. Reflect on my learning.