Child Protection & Disability Training


5 Mar 2019 -
10:00 to 16:00

Summary : 

This training is designed for professionals who work with disabled children and their families


ICC Inveraray Conference Room


Mid-Argyll, Kintyre and Islay

This training is designed for professionals who work with disabled children and their families in any setting to help develop knowledge, confidence and competence in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people affected by disability. Course aims include:

  • Raising awareness of the challenges disability may create in families
  • Increasing knowledge about the abuse and neglect of children and young people with disabilities
  • Identifying the particular risks of abuse which disabled children and young people face and how these risks may be overlooked through common myths and misconceptions
  • Raising awareness of the experiences and challenges disabled children and young people may face



From attending participants will be able to:

  • Describe social and cultural attitudes to disability
  • Recognise how their own attitudes and values towards disability, or those of their agency or the general public, can affect how they view risks of child abuse and neglect in families
  • Explain the rights of disabled children and adults and their responsibility to promote equal treatment
  • Recognise the particular vulnerabilities of disabled children to abuse and neglect
  • Explain the importance of maintaining a child focus
  • Identify ways to work effectively with disabled children or disabled young people and where to obtain further help



This training is targeted at the Specific and Intensive Contact Workforce*, which is people who carry out direct work with children, young people and/or other family members or those who have specific designated responsibility for child protection issues as part of their role. It is particularly relevant for staff:

  • Who have a role in working directly with children or young people with disabilities and/or their families.
  • Contribute to assessments of children with disabilities, including assessments of risk.
  • Have a child protection co-ordinator or designated persons role, or supervise/manage staff working directly with children or young people with disabilities

*To identify which workforce group you fall into go to:



Please book online at or email You will be sent an email a week or so before the training confirming course details. If you don't receive this please get in touch, as there may be time or venue changes you need to know about.



All A&B interagency training courses are free. Those unable to attend must advise us on 01546 604316 in advance. A £30 administration fee applies to all those who fail to attend without notice.

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