Piers and Harbours - Rates for Goods

Charges from 1st April 2019

General Goods Packaged (per tonne )Includes Fruit, Beverages, Meat, Dairy Products, General Groceries and Confectionery, Cured Fish, etc.
Dry Bulk Commodities (per tonne) Ores, Aggregates and Crushed Stone, Cement and Building Materials, Timber (including Logs), Salt, etc.1.850.001.85
Liquid and Gaseous Bulk Products (per tonne)2.300.002.30
Explosives (per tonne)82.550.0082.55
Livestock  - Poultry (per bird)0.350.000.35
Animals (per Animal)0.700.000.70
Smolt (per thousand)4.700.004.70
Fish, including Shellfish  - Fresh, all varieties and also fish consigned for sale at other markets - percentage of catch2.50% of catch
Rates on Passenger and Vehicles - Adult Passengers landing at or embarking from pier (each)0.420.000.42
Rates on Passenger and Vehicles - Child Passengers landing at or embarking from pier (each)
Rates on Passenger and Vehicles - Private Cars, Taxis, Hearses and Agricultural Machinery (Tractors, Trailers, etc.) (each)1.330.001.33
Rates on Passenger and Vehicles - Caravans or Trailers (except Commercial Trailers) (each)
Rates on Passenger and Vehicles - Cycles (each)0.370.000.37
Rates on Passenger and Vehicles - Motorcycles including sidecar (each)0.900.000.90
Rates on Passenger and Vehicles - Buses (each)7.370.007.37
Rates on Passenger and Vehicles - Commercial Vehicles - Per Metre0.900.000.90
Mobile Cranage - for each lift11.820.0011.82
Fresh Water - per tonne or part thereof (minimum charge £10)3.390.003.39
Left Luggage - per article up to 24hours (minimum charge £10)2.920.583.50
Parcels and Packages up to 50 kg (minimum charge £10)0.310.060.37
Parcels and Packages- where articles can be measured - charge per cubic metre (minimum charge £10)3.270.653.92
Parcels and Packages- where articles cannot be measured - charge per tonne (minimum charge £10)3.270.653.92
Rope Handling - To be charged each time i.e. Arrival and departure to be charged separately132.650.00132.65
Timber Debris Clearance331.6766.33398.00
Use of Linkspan - commercial use318.000.00318.00
Use of linkspan - non-vehicular traffic37.100.0037.10
Car and pedestrian marshalling - Rothesay and Dunoon (per day)107.7520.33129.30
Freight handling - Rothesay Harbour10.582.0012.70
Slipway landing fee5.300.005.30

Electricity (per unit)

Cruise calls/tenders


Rates for Goods Shipped, Transhipped or Unshipped at the Pier or Ferry Slip or within the Harbour

In determining weights for the purpose of charging dues, the weights of the containers of any goods shall be included.

In terms of liquid, gaseous bulk products, bulk shipments of materials may be charged at discounted rates subject to a request being made in writing to the Executive Director, Development and Infrastructure, who will then refer the letter to the full Council.

All empty boxes, barrels, sacks and packages if previously shipped or landed will be exempt.                                                       

Passengers Personal Baggage shall be free of charge.

Rates for storage

For goods remaining in sheds or on the pier or quays for a period longer than 24 hours, 50% of the original pier dues shall be charged for each 24 hours or part thereof. Provided that in the case of sheds occupied from time to time under lease or let from the Council such dues shall not be charged against the occupier or leasee.   The terms of such leases or lets shall be subject to individual negotiation with the Executive Director.
(Note there is a minimum charge of £10.00 for some items)