Guidance on how to use LEON

Accessing LEON

LEON can be accessed from the Council’s intranet site The HUB or via the Council’s Website by putting LEON into the search bar. Once you are on the home page you should log in using your unique 7 digit employee number and password.

Logging in for the first time/ Changing your password

All new employees will automatically receive an email from the system providing them with their unique log in details to the email which has been set up for your MyView account. You will be instructed to change your password as soon as you log in for the first time.

Please be aware of the criteria for creating the new password.

 If you have never used your LEON account before or do not receive the automatic email as a new employee, you will need to email the training Centre to have your password reset. Once you have received your temporary password from the system you will need to log in and create a new password within 24 hours.

Finding your way around LEON

Once you are logged into LEON you will see the categories of courses that are available for you to complete. You can access the individual courses by clicking into these.

Tip: Make sure you complete all the Mandatory training – these can be found under the Induction and Mandatory training section.

To open a course simply click on the course category and then select the course title you wish to complete. It will then open in a new window.

Exiting a course and course completion

Once you have clicked your way through and engaged with every page in the course you can select the x on the internet explorer page to exit the course and update your LEON learning record. To return to the home page use the home icon at the top right hand side of LEON.

The status of the courses you are completing is tracked by the green bar. Course completion is recorded in the MyView system and this is where you can see your course completion dates. TIP: If you complete a course in LEON and then launch it again the status of the course will change back to incomplete

Logging on from home

You can log on to LEON from any computer or mobile device with internet access so you can therefore access LEON from home. The process is exactly the same as doing it from a work computer you just need to make sure you have the URL address (see below). This can be pasted into your internet browser or by accessing it from the council’s website.

Accessing LEON from your mobile device

If using a mobile devise you should open the internet and search for the council website. In the search bar type in LEON and then tab on the LEON button as shown above. This will then take you to the log in screen.

Resizing your screen to see content on the page

Some courses require you to reduce your screen size in order to see all of the content, for example the next button. This is the case for the new “Data protection is changing” course. To do this you should reduce your screen size down to 75%. This can be done via the tools icon at the top right hand side of the screen in internet explorer  then selecting the Zoom option. 

Contacting the Training Centre

If you require assistance with logging onto LEON please contact the Training Centre. 01546 605513 option 3