Spotlight on spend

Argyll and Bute Council will continue to publish a list of all expense over £1000 on the Scottish Government’s ‘Spotlight On Spend’ website.

Following the success of a trial in 2011, the Council has committed to participating for a third year running. The council already provides the Scottish Procurement Information Hub with information on what it spends and this is enhanced by company information from commercial databases.

The information from the 2015 - 2016 financial year is now available, here you will find details of all payments to suppliers and contractors which total £1,000 or more.

This information on our spending will give you a much better idea of where your money goes. If you have any questions please e-mail us at

The entries marked as “redacted” are those where the name of the supplier is an individual person. The name but not the amount is concealed to comply with Data Protection legislation.

The information on expenditure is categorised on the website by commodity or service provided.  This information comes from the supplier databases, such as the Thomsons Local Directory. It relates to the stated business of the company, which may be different to the nature of the business carried out for Argyll and Bute Council.